Ensign Andrew Lee is a fresh set of butterbars that earned his way to an early Master’s Degree by playing with balloons and nuclear materials for his Bowman Scholar Project. Upon graduating the US Naval Academy with a B.S. in both Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, Andrew began a 1 year program in Mechanical Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School. 3 months into that program, Andrew decided to jump ship on Mechanical Engineering to pursue a degree in Engineering Acoustics because it would be better suited for submarine service.

Andrew is an avid endurance athlete who limped his way to the end of 6 marathons and is looking forward to passing out after his first Half-Ironman triathlon. A perpetual child, Andrew continues to be involved with Boy Scouts, despite being 22 and not being a dad. In 2019, his work in Youth STEM education, and leadership as the President led the USNA STEM program to be recognized as the DOD STEM Advocate of the Quarter.