LT Elliot Geroge with his wife

LT George grew up in southwest VA in the Appalachian Mountains and earned a Batchelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Choosing the smarter way to do college, he joined the Navy after school via the NUPOC program and attended OCS in the Spring of 2015. Following OCS, Elliot went to Power School in Charleston, SC, Prototype in upstate New York, and took a pit stop in Groton, CT before his ultimate destination: a “sea tour” with the USS Helena. He managed to catch the tail end of Helena’s EUCOM deployment prior to her getting stuck in the yards in Norfolk, VA.

Wanting to explore the country a little more and because he didn’t get enough of submarines on his JO tour, LT George decided to accept his fate and give a DH tour a try. He is now in Monterey, CA in the USW program studying physical oceanography at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Outside of the military, Elliot has been enjoying diving in the cold waters of the central California, he is an avid walker, and has one of the best mustaches in the fleet.