6:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Naval Postgraduate School, Barbara McNitt Ballroom

Event Details

The Naval Submarine League will be hosting the 123rd Submarine Birthday Ball this April 22nd at the historic Hotel Del Monte Ballroom. After last year’s successful Birthday Ball we hope to enjoy a night of regalia with you again! To celebrate in-tandem with the 100th anniversary of the design of the Submarine Warfare pin, the theme for this year’s ball will be Ports of Call in the 1920s. Following tradition, all tables will be required to create a centerpiece, so start designing!

Our speaker, RADM Leonard C. Dollaga, Chief of Legislative Affairs, will be joining us in the festivities.

RSVP through the link here or by scanning the QR Code below:

Additional information will be sent out to your registered Naval Submarine League emails, so be on the look out! We hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “123rd Submarine Birthday Ball

  1. CWO4 Ron Gibson USN (Ret) says:

    I am a retired Chief Warrant Officer (W-4). In trying to complete the Reservation Form required to attend the 2023 Submarine Birthday Ball, I couldn’t help noticing the absence of W2-W5 CWOs as a selection in the table of ‘Rank(s) or -Rate(s). Consequently, am really unable to complete the Res. Form with accurate information pertaining to me.

    1. Don Brutzman says:

      p.s. thanks for your patience while we have been getting organized! v/r Don

  2. LT Bartkus says:

    What is the dress code, are service dress blues accepted, or will we be in dinner dress blues?

    1. northerncalifornia says:

      Dinner Dress Blues are the standard for the event. However, if you do not have the components, SDBs with mini medals would be an acceptable substitute.

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